Wheeler Dealers star Mike Brewer’s job almost ‘cost him his marriage’ | Celebrity News | Showbiz & TV

Wheeler Dealers star Mike Brewer’s job almost ‘cost him his marriage’ | Celebrity News | Showbiz & TV

Wheeler Dealer’s host Mike Brewer has opened up about his love life whilst celebrating the 20th anniversary of his motor repair television programme.

Speaking on The Wheeler Dealer podcast, the TV star lifted the lid on how much of an impact the show has had on his marriage to his wife, Michelle.

“I’ve literally dedicated my life – 26 years actually – dedicated to this craft,” he admitted.

“To saving cars and restoring cars. And I feel like it’s given me an amazing life but it’s also come at the cost of my marriage.”

Mike is then interrupted and asked: “You’re still together right? Still with Michelle?”

Mike assured: “Still together. Never held me back once.

“But there comes a time when I look and I think, maybe I should spend more time with my wife? She drives me mad but I love being with her.

“We took a month off last year for the first time in 26 years and we took a drive for 3,000 miles. It was the best 32 days I’ve had in the last 26 years.”

He also revealed that he’s signed a new deal with the Discovery channel to make the 21st series of Wheeler Dealers.

“As much as I love making the show – I’m not resigning – but everything has a sell-by date,” he shared.

The English car trader has been married to wife Michelle since 1992 and they celebrated their 21st wedding anniversary earlier this year.

Sharing a sweet snap on his Instagram page, Mike penned: “How did I get so lucky? 34 years together and 21 Happily Married.. Happy Anniversary to my amazing Michelle.. I love you,” completed with love heart emojis.

Mike discovered his passion for motors when he was a teenager and knew that was the career he wanted to follow in his life.

Luckily, Michelle loves cars just as much as he does and regularly gets involved with the podcast and attends car show award ceremonies with her husband.

Wheeler Dealers is on Discovery+ and Quest on Mondays at 9pm.

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