Why are Kheel Batasha offered to the deities for Diwali Puja?

Why are Kheel Batasha offered to the deities for Diwali Puja?

Now, let’s come to the conclusion of why eating Kheel Batashe is considered healthy for everyone during this time. For starters, Khee is rich in carbohydrates and antioxidants and is said to boost your energy. It is also rich in fibre which helps in boosting the digestive health of a person. You will be surprised to know that consuming Kheel mixed in water can help you in lose motion. Also, it is rich in vitamin D and thus can help in easing the pain in bones.

While Batashe is said to increase your metabolism and mental health. Diwali is a time of season change when we feel cold and cough, and it is said that eating Batashe can ease this seasonal cold and cough. Traditionally Batashe was made using palm jaggery and cane jaggery and was a healthier version of what we have now. Also, if you add cow ghee in batashe, it will boost your metabolism. Batashe are also said to improve your mental health. However, diabetics and weight watchers should strictly avoid them.

Disclaimer: This article has taken into account the traditional thought and is not backed by the latest scientific research.

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