William Tyrrell search: Detectives in Kendall drain creek off Batar Creek Rd

NSW firefighters have been spotted with specialised equipment as the dramatic search for William Tyrrell takes another turn.

Detectives are preparing to drain a creek and nearby dams as the dramatic search for William Tyrrell continues.

The NSW Rural Fire Service has brought high-volume pumps into the search area to drain the creek on both sides of Batar Creek Rd in Kendall.

It’s understood detectives are making the move to try to drain as much water from the search zone ahead of forecast heavy rainfall on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Detectives on Monday morning sifted through roadside debris and bags of soil pulled up by an excavator.

Earlier this month, police revealed they had “new information” that had led to the renewed search for William.

Officers have been scouring an area about 900m from where the boy was last seen at his late foster-grandmother’s home in 2014.

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