Woman horrified as date speeds off as soon as he sees her

Dating can be tough, but one woman has called it quits and is swearing off men entirely thanks to one bloke’s cruel behaviour.

Singleton Samantha detailed her dating disaster on TikTok and revealed that her latest encounter left her extremely “embarrassed”.

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“Is it just me that suffers? How embarrassing. But putting it out there anyway,” she captioned the clip, which has since racked up over 231k likes.

In it, she said: “When you’re absolutely done with the whole dating thing. Tonight has been the last straw.

“We have had a date planned for the last week and arranged to go bowling. He was coming to pick me up.”

Samantha explained that he was running a “little bit late” so she decided to wait outside for him.

As he pulled up Samantha approached the car to get in, but she claims he “sped off” leaving her standing there speechless.

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“Off he goes,” she said. “Leaves you there, no explanation, no nothing. Imagine how you’d feel after that. Cause I feel f***ing sh*t.”

The comments erupted with sympathy from people who watched the clip with thousands agreeing it was an unfair and hurtful thing to do.

“Girl, you’re beautiful,” one person said. “You have kind eyes and sound very intelligent. It’s his loss, don’t give up.”

“I truly believe that rejection in any form is the universe’s way of saying wrong direction kiddo. Have faith, better is coming.”

Thousands more followed suit with words on encouragement for Samantha, calling out the “rude” guy and insisting that she “dodged a bullet.”

This story was originally published on The Sun and is republished with permission.

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