Woman issues warning on TikTok over ‘scary’ handbag find

A woman in the US has gone viral after sharing the “terrifying” object she discovered in her handbag after a night out.

In a video that’s been viewed more than a million times, Texas woman Sheridan Ellis revealed she had gone out on the weekend with a bag in tow, something she rarely did.

“I went to dinner with a group of friends for this girl’s birthday,” she said.

“If you know me I don’t normally carry a purse but on Saturday I did because we had decorations and stuff for the table.”

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Ms Ellis said that at the end of the night she was about to leave, only to find a bizarre item inside her handbag.

“I’m cleaning my purse out and I find this,” she said holding up a white square.

“If you don’t know what this is it’s a tile, it’s basically a tracker … people put it on their keys and whatnot.”

“It’s not mine, I don’t know how it got in my purse.”

Ms Ellis said she “immediately” took out the tracker’s battery, warning other women to “check your purses and stay safe out there”.

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Ms Ellis also added in the comments that she had asked the other dinner attendees if the tracker tile was theirs but it hadn’t belonged to anyone at the party.

Her video got more than 2000 comments, mostly from other women who sympathised with how worrying the find was.

“That is so scary! Please got to the police. There might be someone out there that didn’t clean out their purse and find it,” one person wrote.

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“So glad you found it before you got home; this is terrifying,” another commented.

“It’s most likely someone you know,” one commenter wrote, prompting Ms Ellis to reply that she “can’t wait to not sleep tonight”.

But some people wrote that the tile was “weird, not dangerous” as tracker tiles typically only have a range of 60 to 120m and could only work with bluetooth.

“Ignore the people saying don’t worry,” one person wrote in response to these comments. “Even if it didn’t work, the fact that someone tried is very scary.”

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