Woman walks out of date ‘before dessert’ after hearing ‘first book’ man read – ‘mortified’

Woman walks out of date ‘before dessert’ after hearing ‘first book’ man read – ‘mortified’

The person, who wished to remain anonymous, explained she once dated a man she “casually” knew from the gym. “He turned up early to get flowers put on the table which I didn’t notice (assumed every table had them!) and he then pointed out to me.”

The woman said they then started talking about books and films and she told him she was “disappointed by Harry Potter as I had such a set idea of all the scenes from imagining them”.

“He said he hadn’t read it until recently, and he was in his 30s.

“At which point I engaged in what I thought was light teasing about not having read Harry Potter until adulthood.

“He then explained with a long story, how he had undiagnosed dyslexia until a few years ago and had always masked his inability to read and how he had been so proud to make Harry Potter his first book once he sought support for his dyslexia and learnt to read in his late 20s.

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“Mortified. I left before dessert and he ran after me to give me the flowers I’d forgotten.

“I felt like a terrible person and didn’t get invited for a second date.”

Another woman said her worst date happened at a restaurant when she told a joke and the man “started laughing so much his false teeth fell out onto the table in front of us”.

Another time, she tried online dating once and before the date, the man told her “he wanted me to stand outside the front door whilst he drove past to see if he was interested or not”.


“I had just started to accept I’d been dumped mid-date when I got a text saying he was really sorry, but his mum had suddenly been taken ill and he’d be in touch.

“I was slightly sceptical, but I thought I’d wait and see if he called. He didn’t.

“I bumped into him a few weeks later and he came over saying ‘Hi, how are you?’, all friendly.

“I said ‘So how’s your mother?’ in the most sarcastic tone possible. She was dead.”

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