Woman’s viral rant after large bikini is tiny

A woman’s “rant” about inconsistent clothing sizes after buying an ill-fitting bikini has gone viral, striking a chord with females everywhere.

Sara Lilley, who lives in Hawaii, US, took to TikTok to express her frustration at ordering a large bikini – only to discover it doesn’t fit her.

In the clip, Sara shows off the navy blue two-piece.

“This is a large,” she tells the camera. “This is not large. This is very small. I’m small.”

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While the bottoms, which have a bright orange band on them, appear to fit well, Sara’s issue is with the top, with her bust spilling out on the sides.

“I mean like, what is this?” she asks.

The short video has clearly resonated, with women flooding the comments to agree.

“Seriously, my closet ranges from 6-14/S-XL,” one woman wrote.

“Scream it from the rooftops” another said.

“The industry does this to all of us in all sizes; I get it,” someone else said.

Others agreed, calling it a “vicious cycle”.

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“They don’t make large like they used to; large looks like a small,” a woman said.

“I cry when shopping because of the size differences,” another wrote.

There were some who said Sara hadn’t been sensitive to those who need large sizing, to which she clarified: “There’s nothing wrong with being a large it’s just that’s not my size so it gets frustrating while shopping.”

Many viewers told Sara she “looks amazing” with some even saying they “don’t see a problem”.

However the lack of universal sizing is an issue that has plagued the fashion industry for years.

Australia has no sizing standard, which often leaves shoppers confused and annoyed when it comes to finding the perfect fit, especially if they’re looking to make a purchase online.

The Australian Standard Size Coding Scheme for women’s clothing was scrapped in 2008, allowing retailers to develop their own sizing scale based on sales data.

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