Wondered Why Wedding Beds are Always Adorned With Rose Petals? Here’s the Answer

Wondered Why Wedding Beds are Always Adorned With Rose Petals? Here’s the Answer

Many people have imagined a typical Indian wedding night, specifically after seeing Bollywood films. The bed is strewn with rose petals, and the bride arrives with a glass of milk. However, not all film concepts were created from scratch, some were adapted from existing traditions. But, have you ever wondered why rose petals are constantly used to adorn wedding beds? Here’s why.

Flowers, like words, have their very own language and that may be translated into other languages. Roses are without a doubt one of the most cherished flowers of all time. An emblem of love and beauty, treasured for both its beauty and its enticing smell. The priceless rose, however, is more than simply a gorgeous face. They may indicate sexual availability not only for women but also for males. This is the primary reason for using roses.


Rose petals, as per Ayurvedic practitioners, are particularly efficient in making an individual feel sexually active. This is founded on the notion that roses or their extracts have been shown to alter two sub doshas of the human body’s fundamental doshas — vata, pitta, and kapha — sadhaka pitta and prana vata. Roses can be used as adornment as well as in the milk or kheer.

Feel pleased about yourself

Rose can help ease anxiety and tension, leaving you feeling happy and rejuvenated. According to one study, going to bed in a rose-scented environment helped participants have more pleasant thoughts and wake up feeling happier.

Sedative nature:

Getting into the vibe might be difficult, especially for first-timers. Roses have calming effects and may modify the mood of a space, no matter how depressing it appears. Roses, according to aromatherapy specialists, might make you feel more at ease.

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