You are asking wrong minister EAM Jaishankar savage reply to Pakistan reporter question on terrorism WATCH latest update

You are asking wrong minister EAM Jaishankar savage reply to Pakistan reporter question on terrorism WATCH latest update

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Image Source : EAM S JAISHANKAR (TWITTER). “You are asking wrong minister”- EAM Jaishankar’s savage reply to Pakistani reporter’s question on terrorism | WATCH.

Jaishankar at UN: During an interaction with media persons at UN headquarters in New York, the External Affairs Minister (EAM) S Jaishankar on December 16 shut down Pakistani reporter’s question on terrorism. The Pakistani reporter asked Jaishankar about terrorism in South Asia region.  

“How long South Asia will see terrorism from New Delhi, Kabul, Pakistan, how long they will be at war,” Pakistani reporter asked at UN headquarters in New York.    

“You are asking the wrong minister. It is the minister of Pakistan who will tell you how long Pakistan intends to practice terrorism,” replied S Jaishankar. 

“Pakistan is not good at taking good advice. The world today sees them as the epicentre of terrorism,” said S Jaishankar. “They’re ministers in Pakistan who can tell how long Pakistan intends to practice terrorism. World isn’t stupid, it increasingly calls out countries, orgs indulging in terrorism. My advice is to clean up your act and try to be good neighbour,” he added.

Also, S Jaishankar lashed out at Pakistan at the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) saying that Islamabad is not good at taking good advice and the world today sees 

“A decade ago, Hillary Clinton during her visit to Pakistan said that if you keep snakes in your backyard you can’t expect them to bite only your neighbours, they’ll bite your own people. Pakistan is not good at taking this advice,” Jaishankar said.

“We have declared our candidature for the next tenure at Security Council 2028-29 and we look forward to it. One of our key expectations is that Afghanistan will not again serve as a base for terrorism against other countries. We expect Afghanistan to honour this,” he said.

Speaking on 26/11 Mumbai attack survivor Nurse Anjali Kulthe who shared her account with UNSC, Jaishankar said, “her account made a particularly vivid impact among the Council members, moved a lot of the members.”

During his address, Jaishankar told the UN Security Council that the “contemporary epicentre of terrorism” remains very much active as he lamented that evidence-backed proposals to blacklist terrorists are put on hold without adequate reason, in a veiled attack on China and its close ally Pakistan.

Jaishankar, who presided over the ‘UNSC Briefing: Global Counterterrorism Approach: Challenges and Way Forward’, described terrorism as an existential threat to international peace and security and said it knows no borders, nationality, or race.

“The threat of terrorism has actually become even more serious. We have seen the expansion of Al-Qaida, Da’esh, Boko Haram and Al Shabab and their affiliates,” he said in his address to the 15-nation Council.

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